It’s time for fresh voices in our politics.

We can no longer wait for different results from the same politicians. We deserve a new leader who will defend our values, protect our communities, and fight for our future.



Why I’m Running

I’m running to be your voice in Sacramento, representing SD21, because we need representatives who fight for the working and middle class, and not just people who talk the talk.

For decades, we’ve had stagnant wages while healthcare, housing, and other life expenses have continued to climb. Meanwhile, virtually all new wealth created over the past several decades has gone to a select few at the very top.

We will take on the special interests and fight for a robust 21st century middle class. We will fight for more high wage career paths and access to affordable, high quality healthcare. We will rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and put people to work building a clean energy economy. We will bring down housing prices and find a path to ending homelessness once and for all in California.

Join us today and help us restore the strength of middle-class families in California.

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