On The Issues


Strengthening Our Middle Class

Creating a better life for Californians means re-establishing a strong middle class that suits the 21st century. We can do this by strengthening our unions and enforcing our labor code. We have companies making record profits while the Republican party singularly focuses on more corporate tax cuts.

Let’s plan for our future by building a responsible, balanced budget that works for all of us, not just for the extremely wealthy. And let’s restore a robust middle class in which all of us feel secure that our bills will be paid, that food will be on the table, and that we’re able to save money for our families’ futures.


Access To Affordable, Quality Healthcare

Californians deserve high quality healthcare. That means seeking universal, high quality healthcare for all Californians.

No one should be denied care because they’re priced out. We should be treating people based on how sick they are, not how heavy their pockets are. We are the wealthiest country in world history and people are dying of preventable illnesses such as typhus and tuberculosis.

We will lower healthcare costs, force more transparency in medical billing, seek a public option and find a workable path to universal coverage in California.


Protecting Women’s Rights

Reproductive freedoms are a fundamental human and constitutional right, and for good reason: Because women should be able to make decisions about their own bodies without government interference. Women can choose to consult with their doctors, their religious counsel, and their families and friends. But we have to defend each person’s bodily autonomy, be it a woman or a man.

In the face of an increasingly extreme and aggressive Republican Party, California needs leaders who will fully commit to reproductive justice and women’s rights, and will call out those who seek to pass laws unconstitutionally restraining a woman’s fundamental right to bodily autonomy.


On Housing Prices and Homelessness

We have a serious housing shortage and not enough affordable housing. As a result, rent prices and mortgages skyrocket, forcing families to give up their savings.

Meanwhile, in 2019, the Antelope Valley has faced unprecedented growth in homelessness. Homelessness amongst seniors went up 93%, and rose 54% amongst our youth. This is an absolute travesty and an abject failure on the part of our politicians.

For too long, politicians have neglected the rise of housing prices and the rising costs of living here in California. Families in California are one unexpected medical bill away from foreclosure or difficulty paying rent. And for every night that a child sleeps on our streets, we have failed as a state and as a country. I will work tirelessly to bring down housing costs and end homelessness in California.


On The Climate Crisis

We are witnessing the devastating effects of climate change in real time. Here in California, wildfires are decimating entire cities and water is becoming increasingly scarce.

Meanwhile, Big Oil continues to purchase our politicians and has nearly enough legislative support to block meaningful steps towards a safe environment and a robust clean energy economy.

Our politics must catch up with our science. We need to lead the world’s clean energy revolution. We will put people to work with stable, high wage jobs, clean our air and water, and save our planet in the process.



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