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Creating a better life for our community means re-establishing a strong middle class that suits the 21st century. We can support both workers and small businesses by building a green energy economy right here in our district and rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. We must also build a Cal State University or University of California, which will create a bustling local economy and put thousands of people to work.

As a small business owner, I’m running for State Senate to help build a robust middle class so that jobs are available, businesses are thriving, and all of us feel secure that our bills will be paid, food will be on the table, and we'll be able to save money for our families’ futures.


No one should be sleeping on our streets. Especially not our veterans. Let’s end homelessness once and for all, starting with our veterans and our children.

For too long, politicians have neglected the rise of housing prices and the rising costs of living here in California. Now, many families are one unexpected medical bill away from foreclosure or being unable to pay the rent.

I will work to bring down housing costs and our cost of living to ensure people don’t fall into homelessness in the first place, and prioritize policies that will help end homelessness in California.



No one should be denied healthcare because they can’t afford it - it’s as simple as that. No one should suffer a serious injury and hesitate to enter the emergency room, knowing that the medical bills could force them out of their home. We should be treating people based on how sick they are, not how heavy their pockets are.

Together, we can fight to lower healthcare and prescription drug costs, force more transparency in medical billing, and find a workable path to healthcare coverage for all Californians.


As a former prosecutor, I am the only candidate in this race who has actually held criminals accountable. We must continue to make community safety a top priority, including protecting families from crime, addressing the rise in smash-and-grabs, focusing investments in our fentanyl crisis, and ensuring our children are safe from gun violence.


Our veterans deserve to come home to all of the support and services they need, having sacrificed so much for our safety. From jobs to job training, from healthcare - including mental healthcare - to affordable housing and more, I will never stop fighting to ensure our veterans have everything they need to live full and thriving lives. 


Reproductive freedoms are a fundamental human and constitutional right, and for good reason: Because everyone should be able to make decisions about their own bodies without government interference. People can choose to consult with their doctors, their religious counsel, and their families and friends. But we have to defend each person’s fundamental right to bodily autonomy.

In the face of an increasingly extreme and aggressive Republican Party, California needs leaders who will fully commit to reproductive justice and women’s rights, and will call out those who seek to pass laws attacking the fundamental right to bodily autonomy.



I’m proud to have attended public schools from Kindergarten through college. I look forward to having the chance to give back to our public school system as your next State Senator.

Quality education is a civil right, not a privilege. Every child is entitled to a high-quality education, regardless of which zip code they happen to live in.

Particularly in light of the achievement gap caused by COVID-19, we need to fully fund our schools and provide more resources for our students, our teachers, our school staff, and our districts.


We are witnessing the devastating effects of climate change in real time. Wildfires are decimating entire cities and water is becoming increasingly scarce.

Compared to the rest of Los Angeles County, our community has some of the highest average household emissions because so many from our community are forced to commute over one hundred miles a day. We also have some of the highest rates of childhood asthma and COPD in the nation.

We need to build a robust local economy in the High Desert that includes more local mortgage-paying jobs and more local small businesses. Building a robust local economy will clean up our air, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our community, and better all of our lives.

Our politics must catch up with our science. We need to lead the world’s clean energy revolution. We will put people to work with stable, high wage jobs, clean our air and water, and save our planet in the process.


Hear From Team Kipp

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